Sunday, January 16, 2011

Coming up on 38 years and counting...

...since unborn children were declared to be the disposable property of their mothers by 7 unelected and unaccountable jurists; and what should have been lamented as a step backward in our nation's moral development following the abolition of slavery was instead lauded as a civil rights victory by a bunch of misogynists who cynically labeled themselves women's rights advocates.

Only in the minds of the most selfish of people can the existence of an unborn child be justifiably described as a threat to the civil liberties of the expectant mother. To everyone else, such a child would be called a blessing.

Continue to pray for the conversion of heart of our elected officials, that this dreadful slaughter of the innocents will some day soon be brought to a merciful conclusion. And failing that, pray for the conversion of the voters who have repeatedly elected those with hardened hearts to office, that they may soon cast their votes for those who recognize that our best interests will never be fulfilled by the attempted destruction of our own posterity.

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