Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Bishop of St. Augustine to be Named Tomorrow

In accordance with canon law, St. Augustine Bishop Victor B. Galeone submitted his letter of resignation upon turning 75 years old in September of last year. The resignation was accepted, and it has only remained for the Holy Father to name a replacement.

Apparently, that wait is over. According to this Florida Times-Union article, the announcement is set for 10:30 tomorrow morning at the diocesan center.

My desire, and my prayer, is a simple one: I want a man who is faithful to the teachings of the Church and who has the moral courage to run those who are not out of positions of influence, because the moral confusion that has resulted from allowing such individuals to remain in place has done incalculable spiritual damage to the faithful.

If, however, the Holy Father chooses to name someone who will have the National Catholic Distorter screaming bloody Armageddon at the top of its lungs before his installation, and have them reconsidering their stance on capital punishment after, I can't say that I'd object ;)

Please storm Heaven with your prayers, asking for an inspired choice in our new shepherd. We remain ever in need of such a shepherd. More to come as this story unfolds. God bless!

In Jesus and Mary,